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‘Tis the season to be weedy! The holidays are blazing in Massachusetts. Haven’t rolled out your shopping list just yet? Elevate your gift game to new highs by creating a cannabis gift basket or grabbing dispensary gift cards, or doing a mix-up of both. These gifts under the tree will set the eyes of the weed enthusiasts in your life aglow, guaranteed. Check out some ideas for crafting the ultimate stoner gift basket—because the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year to share the love (and the bud!).

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Include Dispensary Gift Cards

One of the best additions to any cannabis gift basket is dispensary gift cards. Not sure which flower you should give? Not positive which vape is their fave? Offering a gift card ensures the recipient can go out and get whatever weed gifts they want for the holidays. Or, if you decide to gift flower or concentrates, they can use the gift card for something like a new bong or electric dab tool.

Pick Out a Few Weed Gifts

Of course, weed gifts are a must-have in the cannabis gift basket. Any cannabis enthusiast will be happy to see some of their favorite products from the dispensary included. A few ideas:

Don’t Forget the Accessories

When you hand over a cannabis gift basket, the idea is to make sure the recipient has everything they could ever need to have a good holiday. So, be sure to nab a few of the best cannabis accessories to add to the mix, such as a grinder, torch lighter, or some rolling papers. You could even use a rolling tray to create the base for the gift basket or toss in a tee shirt or sticker from a favorite weed brand or dispensary.

Include Some Snacks

What’s a gift basket without some good snacks? No doubt the recipient will be looking for something to munch on once they start enjoying the contents of the basket, so help out your bud. Pick out a few of their favorite snacks and incorporate them into the basket, whether that’s a few bags of chips, some beef jerky, or a pack of chocolate pudding cups.

Find All the Best Weed Gifts for the Holidays at Flower & Soul

Whether you’re handing out dispensary gift cards to all your pals or you’re pulling together the best stoner gift basket, we’ve got everything you need to make the holidays bright at Flower & Soul. Be sure to take a look at our menu as you build your shopping list to get an idea of all the goodies you can add.

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