The Best Terpenes for Pain Relief

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While many people turn to cannabis and cannabis products for pain management or relief, most people are also focusing on cannabinoids like THC and CBD. However, there may be more to why your favorite strain does well for pain than its potency or cannabinoid content. Those same aromatic compounds—terpenes—that make certain strains sensually enjoyable may also be good for pain.

Terpenes for pain relief is a relatively underexplored topic of conversation, but well worth a bit of attention if you use cannabis for pain. What terpenes are good for pain? Are certain terpenes better for certain types of pain than others? Take a closer look at some of the best terpenes for pain relief in Massachusetts.


First, How Do Terpenes Help with Pain?

The vastness of the world of terpenes means this area is not as extensively studied as we could hope. Nevertheless, we do know that terpenes may offer analgesic properties through various mechanisms of action. Some terpenes may offer direct analgesic properties because they hold anti-inflammatory or antioxidant properties. Some may help with pain due to their sedative, relaxing nature. There are even some terpenes that may work well for pain because they influence the endocannabinoid system.

A Look at the Best Terpenes for Pain Relief

1. Beta-Caryophyllene

Found in: Cherry Pie OG from Fernway

May be best for: Chronic pain

Beta-caryophyllene is one of the most intriguing terpenes because it directly interacts with the endocannabinoid system like cannabinoids. This unique biological activity may be related to how the terpene helps with pain. Caryophyllene has been shown to have analgesic effects in animal studies and may also change pain perception—a key element in the management of chronic pain.

2. Myrcene

Found in: Kush Cream from High Supply

May be best for: Pain that causes sleep disruptions

One of the most dominant cannabis terpenes and found in most strains, myrcene is one of the best pain relief terpenes because of its sedative properties. The terpene also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions that may work for certain types of pain. Many people enjoy cannabis strains high in myrcene because they can help lull you to sleep despite problems with issues like muscle spasms or more acute pain.

3. Limonene

Found in: Fried Lemon Pie from Rev Farms

May be best for: Nerve-related and stomach pain

Limonene, another prevalent terpene in cannabis, not only lends a refreshing citrus aroma but also harbors potential benefits for individuals dealing with pain. With its purported anti-inflammatory properties, limonene holds promise for alleviating discomfort associated with conditions like arthritis or muscle tension. And limonene may be one of the best terpenes for nerve pain, according to some studies. Additionally, its uplifting qualities may offer a welcome distraction and mood enhancement for those navigating chronic pain.

4. Linalool

Found in: G25 and Dosido from Critical Supply

May be best for: Chronic, inflammatory pain

Linalool is one of the best terpenes for pain and inflammation. With its anti-inflammatory properties, terpene may target certain types of pain. However, linalool also has antinociceptive properties, which means it may also alter the perception of pain. This could be related to the soothing psychological effects of linalool.

5. Terpinolene

Found in: Angry Ginger from Root & Bloom

May be best for: Stomach pain

Terpinolene is not a very dominant terpene when it comes to cannabis, but it is an important one to consider when it comes to pain. Terpinolene has noteworthy anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also a terpene to appreciate when it comes to pain in the digestive tract. Some scientists have even looked at how the properties of terpinolene could offer some level of protection for the lining of the stomach when taking certain medications. Therefore, this could be one of the best terpenes for stomach pain.

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