Top Cannabis Accessories to Nab at Our Massachusetts Dispensary

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Heading to our dispensary to grab an eighth of Mandarin Skittlez, The Sauce, or another favorite weed strain? Few things are more disheartening than getting home to realize you don’t have everything you need to enjoy your smoke to the fullest extent.

At Flower & Soul in Massachusetts, we make sure customers have access to all the best cannabis accessories, from a top-of-the-line torch to bongs and dab rigs, we’ve got a full collection. Check out a few top cannabis accessories to nab while you’re here.


Check Out These Must-Have Cannabis Accessories

1. Need a New Bong or Pipe?

Some people claim that smoking from a glass pipe is one of the best ways to enjoy every last terpene because of the clean burn. If you need a new bong for your collection or simply want to try one out, we’ve got some of the best in Massachusetts. We’ve got classics like the Pink Diamond Glass Bong, but we’ve also got cool artsy pieces like the Aztec Stone Head Bong, both of which are from BMB. Our cannabis accessory lineup also includes one-hitters, spoons, and other pipes.

2. Pick Up a New Banger or Bowl

On dab rigs and bongs, the bangers and bowls are oftentimes the first thing that needs to be replaced. These removable pieces can get cracked and dented during use. Whether you skimped on cleaning and your current bowl is caked with resin or you just need an extra just in case, we’ve got you covered.

3. Consider a Dab Rig and Other Dab Tools

Dab rigs are the best way to enjoy cannabis concentrates. If you’re planning to pick up a gram of your favorite concentrate, you may want to take a look at our collection while you’re in the store. We’ve even got dab tools and nectar collectors if you need them.

4. How About a New Battery for Your Vapes?

Do you prefer to vape your weed with vape carts? We’ve got you covered with vape batteries if you need a replacement from top names like PAX and Puffco.

5. Don’t Forget a Good Torch!

You can’t beat a good torch when you’re smoking a bowl. Lighters can work, but torches burn more consistently, hotter, and longer without risking melting the lighter.

6. Grab a Grinder

When you first learn how to roll a blunt the right way, it becomes clear quickly that a good grinder makes the job easier. We’ve got a ton of grinders, from the cheap versions for just a few bucks that do the job to more durable grinders that can last through an indefinite number of smoke sessions.

Flower & Soul – Your One-Stop Shop for Cannabis and Accessories

From the best weed strains and edibles in Massachusetts, we make sure you have all the top choices when it comes to cannabis. The same rule applies when it comes to cannabis accessories. Be sure to check out our full menu at Flower & Soul where you can order everything right down to accessories for quick pick-up.


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