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Edibles for Sale in Massachusetts

Edible cannabis products, also known as edibles, are food products containing cannabinoids that are consumed orally. Edibles are made with cannabinoids added to offer an alternative method of cannabis consumption. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds in cannabis that affect the body and mind. The cannabinoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) produces the high sensation when added to edibles. The cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) does not cause intoxication like THC, but it is considered a therapeutic. Because of the way the cannabis is ingested, edibles take longer to take effect and the effects can last up to three times longer than smoking cannabis. Edibles include candies, baked goods, beverages and condiments.

For Sale in Massachusetts

Cannabis Edibles

How are cannabis edibles made?

Because cannabis is lipid soluble and does not bind to water, it is typically infused into a fat-soluble medium, like oil or butter. These infusions can include cannabis coconut oil, cannabutter and cannabis cooking oil. This cannabis infusion is then added to the edible product as it is being made.

What types of edibles are made with cannabis?

Massachusetts edibles can be baked goods, like brownies and cookies, or candies, like chocolates and gummies, or other food products, like salad dressings and soup broths. Marijuana can also be infused using alcohol to create a tincture, which is a liquid that can be consumed orally.

How are edibles different from other cannabis products?

Because edibles are ingested orally, they are processed in the stomach and liver, which is a longer process than smoking cannabis. The onset of edibles can be up to two hours as the body processes the cannabis and typically is more intense, while cannabis that is smoked enters the bloodstream quickly from the lungs. The effects of edibles can last up to 12 hours as they work their way through the body, as opposed to cannabis that is smoked with effects that lasts two to three hours.

Where to find edibles near me in Massachusetts

You can find edibles in Massachusetts at our Flower & Soul dispensary in Halifax, including candies, cookies, beverages and other products.

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