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Cannabis Concentrates for Sale in Massachusetts

When most people think about cannabis, they picture big marijuana plants with bulky buds. But there is so much more to cannabis. The plant is covered with tiny, sticky hair-like compounds known as trichomes. The sticky, hairy trichomes that surround the budding cannabis flower produce the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. There are a number of trichomes of different varieties that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. These trichomes are used to produce cannabis products that are known as concentrates, which is a broad term used to refer to all cannabis products that are extracted from the plant.

Concentrates include hash oil, waxes, dabs, sugar and badder. They can be consumed using vape pens, pods and other devices designed to produce high heat quickly. These concentrates contain the highest level of tetrahydrocannabinol, or what is probably best known as THC. That is the ingredient in cannabis that produces psychotropic effects when marijuana is consumed.

For Sale in Massachusetts

Cannabis Concentrates

What do cannabis concentrates look like?

Concentrates can appear in different ways, such as:

  • a sticky liquid wax
  • a soft solid that feels and looks like lip balm
  • a hard solid with an amber color

How are cannabis concentrates consumed?

The most common way to consume concentrates is with vape pens, which are useful when smoking hash oil and wax. A hard surface platform made of titanium, quartz or ceramic is used to heat up and consume cannabis concentrate solids, allowing the solid to vaporize in the intense heat. The vapors are inhaled using a dabbing tool, which is known as a rig.

What’s the difference between concentrates, extracts, and dabs?

Concentrates cover all products extracted from the cannabis plant. Extracts are a subgroup of concentrates made using solvents, but not solvents extracted with non-solvent methods. Dabs are concentrates made from butane hash oil.

Where to find concentrates near me in Massachusetts

You can find Massachusetts concentrates at our Flower & Soul dispensary in Halifax, including vape cartridges, shatter, wax, live resin, live rosin and live badder.

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