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Papi Cannabis

Only the best from Big Papi! Papi Cannabis, founded by Red Sox legend David Ortiz (aka Big Papi), is crafted with care and love to provide cannabis consumers with an amazing experience. Whether you’re winding up, winding down, or simply going with the flow, Papi Cannabis has something to offer. So get ready to experience the best cannabis products from Big Papi!

With Papi’s collection of pre-roll blunts, hash oil blunts, vapes, edibles, and topicals available in Massachusetts dispensaries, you can find many products to suit your needs. Papi Cannabis offers smokers of all kinds the opportunity to experience smooth, flavorful smoke with top-notch quality and potency.

Papi Cannabis

Product Specs

Papi Cannabis offers blunts and vape cartridges packed with cannabis derived from some of Big Papi’s favorite strains.

  • Sweet Sluggers: These pre-rolled blunts use freshly-ground, whole flowers to provide a smooth taste and even burn. Rolled in a tobacco-free green tea blunt wrap, each 1g blunt features flavorful terpene profiles for maximum enjoyment. Each three-pack comes with matches, so you’re always ready for a session.
  • Moonshot Vape Cartridges: Papi Cannabis offers a premium line of distillate vape cartridges. These vapes pack a Caribbean punch with flavors like Orange Dreamsicle, Caribbean Chemdawg, Mango Pineapple Haze, Strawnana Dream, and Apple Smacks. With potent terps and a smooth hit, Papi’s got you covered no matter the mood or experience you want.

Papi Cannabis FAQs

What makes Papi Cannabis special?

Big Papi isn’t just lending his celebrity status to this quality cannabis brand. He’s making sure that it’s top-notch. Papi Cannabis products are crafted with care and love, offering cannabis consumers a premium experience that is hard to locate anywhere else.

What is the availability of Papi Cannabis products?

Papi Cannabis products are currently available in Massachusetts dispensaries.

How long do Moonshot Vapes last?

These cartridges have enough cannabis distillate to last you several sessions. Keep your vape cartridge at the right temperature and out of direct sunlight to maximize its lifetime.

Papi Cannabis Review

At Papi Cannabis, you can expect a premium smoking experience. The blunts light up incredibly smooth and burn evenly, offering an enjoyable and flavorful experience. Thanks to carefully-crafted strains that Big Papi himself contributed to the mix, even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur will be impressed by Papi Cannabis’s offerings.

Where to Buy Papi Cannabis in Massachusetts

Flower & Soul in Halifax, MA is a dispensary carrying Papi Cannabis products. With an extensive selection and knowledgeable staff, Flower & Soul offers customers a variety of options when it comes to Papi Cannabis products.

Buy Papi Cannabis at Flower & Soul

To get your hands on a quality product that will make you feel like a champ, visit Flower & Soul and check out their incredible selection of Papi Cannabis products. Whether you want the perfect blunt or a flavorful vape cartridge, Big Papi is bringing his A-game to Massachusetts. Visit Flower & Soul today or order online to get the Papi experience.

Reviews for Papi Cannabis

This is a unique and new product being sold in the Massachusetts market by creating a blunt experience for cannabis consumers.

Jeremiah MacKinnon Review via NEC News Today

The blunt lights up great and burns evenly all the way down. As someone who has smoked my fair share of blunts, the flavor of the sluggers was nearly identical without the negative impacts from smoking tobacco blunts.

Jeremiah MacKinnon Review via NEC News Today

There was also no harshness when smoking it and it was pleasant overall to smoke. Because this was a blunt, it also burned much longer than a regular joint and produced a ton of smoke.

Jeremiah MacKinnon Review via NEC News Today

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