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HighTide THC Drinks

Offering a liquid alternative to alcoholic beverage, High Tide’s THC-infused canned drinks provide a low-sugar mocktail infused with THC. High Tide drinks contain just a 5mg microdose of THC, allowing you to kick back and relax without an overwhelming high.

Reviews for HighTide Drinks

Took me about 20 mins to start feeling effects after I drank about 3/4 of the bottle…. loved this drink, definitely recommend.

The taste is on point for such a potent cannabis drink. The flavors are exactly what you should expect from a high-end pot company. The taste of marijuana is slight and barely noticeable. If I tasted it any less, I’d worry I got a drink without any weed in it. I prefer to shoot mine straight, but they’re also great when mixed with sparkling water or tonic for some bubbles. They also mix well with juice and soda. You can have a lot of fun crafting yourself your very own tasty weed “cocktail."

The best cannabis drink I've had, hands down. Love this Diablo. Just the right amount of spicy to satisfy you...not sure how they make weed drinks but this is a banger. I can see it being amazing on a hot day or if you're nursing a hangover like I was.


Product Line

High Tide offers three THC beverage varieties:

  • Classic: This traditional margarita flavor is made with key lime, agave, and a little bit of rosemary salt, naturally replicating the classic tequila lime flavor–without the alcohol.
  • Spicy Diabolo: This pineapple-flavored margarita blend has a kick of hit from the addition of jalapeno peppers. You’ll also love the tart key lime splash, perfectly complementing the sweetness of the pineapple.
  • Watermelon: Searching for something that’s simply sweet? You’ll love this combo of watermelon, agave, and key lime, putting a sweet twist on the traditional margarita.

High Tide FAQs

How much THC is in High Tide drinks?

Each THC-infused cocktail contains 5mg of THC.

Do High Tide drinks contain alcohol?

No. While High Tide’s packaging looks similar to that of many alcohol-infused hard seltzers, High Tide’s products are alcohol-free.

What can you expect to feel after you drink a High Tide beverage?

Most High Tide cannabis customers report feeling a sense of relaxation that’s not too far off from the feeling they get after drinking an alcohol beverage. Unlike edibles, the effect of the THC in High Tide sets in quickly, and you can expect to feel the effects of the product within about 15 minutes of your first sip.

How many High Tides should I drink?

When consuming any new form of cannabis, it’s important to start slow. Enjoy one High Tide drink, wait 90 minutes, and then have a norther if you’re looking for an intensified effect.

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