The Pineapple Strain: Weed Review

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What is the Pineapple Weed Strain?

Because of its tasty blend of terpenes and cannabinoids, the Pineapple strain is well recognized for its cheerful and creative effects. This strain is all about a happy high when it comes to effects. Let’s check out one of the most famous strains, the Pineapple strain.

Origins of the Pineapple Strain

The genetics of the Pineapple strain is based on the F2 phenotype of ERSB (or Ed Rosenthal Super Bud). The Pineapple strain was created by the Sensi Seeds lab. This strain is a 50/50 Indica Sativa split, though most people report that the effects lean heavily into the Sativa traits.

Strain Aroma

The aroma of the Pineapple strain is earthy and sweet. It has a fruity aroma with a little tang that settles into a sweet aftertaste.

Flavor Profile

If you enjoy the taste of tropical fruit, you’ll love the Pineapple strain. This strain has a strong mango flavor with just a little sweetness to it. This isn’t as tangy as other fruity strains, but it does have a delicious, easy-going taste.

Strain Appearance

The Pineapple strain is a classic cannabis appearance. It has a brilliant resin shine thanks to plenty of frost from trichomes. The leaves are a rich green punctuated with deep orange hairs.

Cannabinoid & Terpene Composition

The terpenes and cannabinoids in the Pineapple strain are very interesting. The THC can be as low as 16% and up to 26%. This is a huge swing that makes it hard to gauge the concentration from this variety.

It also has a CBG and CBD of less than 1%. This means that this strain could be a milder choice for novices or a much more intense strain for experienced smokers.

The terpenes in the Pineapple strain give it its tropical, fruity taste and a woodsy aroma. The main terpene found in this strain is Myrcene.

The Pineapple Strain Effects

The effects of the Pineapple strain are happy and euphoric. This strain offers a strong mental high with very mild body effects. The medical cannabis community favors this strain for relieving nausea, chronic pain, and stress.

Strains Like Pineapple

Finding similar strains to the Pineapple strain will be an interesting exercise. The Citrus Sap strain offers similar citrus flavors, but has a little more tang. There are also strains like Blue Raspberry which offers a sweeter variety of these fruity flavors.

How to Grow the Pineapple Strain

The Pineapple strain is pretty easy to grow on your own. It has a flowering time of 6 to 8 weeks. This strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. It is easy to grow as it flowers within 8 to 9 weeks. The Pineapple strain is an excellent choice for beginner growers or people looking to add an easy-to-manage strain to your crop.

Final Thoughts on The Pineapple Strain

The Pineapple strain has interesting genetics that are designed to further develop an aroma and taste with some tropical fruit flare. The effects of these terpenes and cannabinoids are high euphoria. While there are similar strains, there’s nothing quite like the Pineapple strain.

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