The Best Terpenes for Sleep

The Best Terpenes for Sleep

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Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are often touted for their sleep-promoting effects. However, cannabinoids alone may not be the only element in your favorite bedtime strain that helps you slip into a peaceful slumber. Terpenes, which are usually only thought of as aromatic and flavor compounds, may also help with certain ailments, including sleep. Are there cannabis terpenes that help you sleep? If so, which terpene is best for sleep? Take a look at the answers below.

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First, a Closer Look at the Biological Actions of Terpenes

Terpenes may be responsible for giving the Pineapple and Mandarin Skittlez strains their lovable flavor and aromatics. But terpenes also bring their own therapeutic qualities to the proverbial cannabis table. Because terpenes exist separately from cannabis and in abundance in the natural world, they have captured the attention of scientific researchers looking for natural medicines for decades.

While most cannabinoids do not affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS) like cannabinoids, they do have some biological actions when introduced into the human system. The ways these terpenes function within the body can vary. However, terpenes interact with various processes through avenues like the olfactory system, the nervous system, and more. Therefore, several terpenes do have the potential to help with sleep in unique ways.

What are the Best Terpenes for Sleep?

There are hundreds of terpenes associated with cannabis. For that reason, there is still a lot to learn about all of them. Nevertheless, there have been a few enlightening studies on some terpenes that show why they could prove valuable for people who struggle with sleep. Take a look at a handful of those terpenes below.


Myrcene is probably one of the most-studied terpenes when it comes to sleep support. This particular compound is highly concentrated in the cannabis plant and is found in most strains to some degree. Myrcene is highly regarded for its sedative properties. This terpene provides both sleep support and anxiolytic effects to soothe the mind, which is also important for good sleep.


While limonene is often mentioned for its ability to promote wakefulness, this terpene may also have sleep-supporting properties, as counterintuitive as that may seem. Limonene has been shown to increase sleep time by as much as two to three times the basic measurement in one study. In fact, this enhanced sleep duration was comparable to the effects of myrcene.


Linalool is a terpene beloved for its herbal, floral scent and can be found in high amounts in the lavender plant. With its affiliation with lavender, it is easy to assume that this terpene could be good for sleep, and it does offer sleep support. Primarily, linalool offers sleep support by calming the mind and soothing anxiety, which can be a huge factor in getting good sleep for many people. When used topically, lavender has been shown to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

Check Out Some of the Best Cannabis Products for Sleep

When it comes to finding cannabis products that can help you get some sleep, there is never a shortage. Many cannabis strains are high in the aforementioned best terpenes for sleep. Further, you can find everything from edibles to tinctures that contain unique cannabinoid formulas and full-spectrum extracts that work well for sleep support. A few products to consider for sleep support include:

  • Brownie Scout flower from &Shine
  • Grape Cream Cake flower from Harbor House Collective
  • Sleepytime CBN Mini Cookies from Big Pete’s
  • Disco Gorilla flower from Rev Farms
  • Dream Drops Sleep Tincture from Heritage CBD
  • Sleep High-Purity Pods from PAX
  • 5:2 Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate Bar with CBN and THC from Kiva
  • 1:1:1 CBD, THC, and CBN ‘Deep Sleep’ Blackberry Dream Gummies from Camino

Heritage CBD Dream Drops for Sleep Product Image

Find Your Path to Peaceful Sleep at Flower & Soul

Whether you’re looking for a high-terpene strain or another cannabis product for sleep support, we can help you find it at Flower & Soul. Our budtenders are always happy to show you products on the menu that can help with relaxation and better sleep, according to your preferences. Be sure to explore our menu before making the trip to our dispensary to see product recommendations and more.

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