Mandarin Zkittlez: Cannabis Strain Review

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What is the Mandarin Zkittlez Strain?

The Mandarin Zkittlez strain is a cross between California Black Ros̩ by Dying Breed and the gorgeous Mandarin Sunset by Ethos. A unique and gorgeous eruption of color ranging from deep purple-black to an almost vibrant red, the leaves of Mandarin Zkittlez draw you in, but it is the aromatic taste that keeps you. Hints of citrus Рorange, woody spice, and perhaps a hint of grape are delightful from the first hit. For those who need a quality strain for extraction, Mandarin Zkittlez is a keeper.

Strain type: Is Mandarin Zkittlez indica or sativa?

The Mandarin Zkittlez strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. More Mandarin Zkittlez Characteristics


Mandarin Zkittlez is a hybrid, a cross between sativa and indica with more indica showing. – 60% Indica – 40% Sativa.

California Black Rosé

  • OG Eddy Lepp
  • Roze
  • Zkittlez

Mandarin Sunset

  • Orange Velvet
  • Skunk #1

Aroma & Smell

Mandarin Zkittlez has a lovely citrus aroma that gives the hint of ripe oranges and sometimes under notes of grape. Undertones include a spicy bite that is mellow and calming.

Flavor & Taste

A delight from the first toke – Mandarin Zkittlez delivers an exotic mix of flavors, much like a fine wine. There are hints of exotic spice that mingle with the clean and pungent aroma of oranges, and an earthy delight that some describe as grape. The taste is complex but not confusing and is enhanced by the citrus-like aroma.


According to Hytiva terpenes include:

  • 0.524% Beta Myrcene, 0.355% Limonene, and 0.334% Beta Caryophyllene.

The cannabinoid percentages are:

  • 20-23% THC – 0-2% CBD – +/- 1% CBN – True compound results vary by grower and growing method.

It is important to note that the various percentage of terpenes will vary depending on how Mandarin Zkittlez is grown. Even within the same garden, the terpenes per plant may differ.

Effects: how will the Mandarin Zkittlez make me feel?

Mandarin Zkittlez is slow acting but ultimately leaves you sleepy. The span between the first toke and sleepy feelings is full of calming and relaxing moments mixed with a euphoria that makes the world around you entertaining. If you are someone who uses based on anxiety or if you love the slow train to euphoria, then Mandarin Zkittlez is an ace up your sleeve. The indica dominance ultimately slows you down, but that is one of the best features.

The perfect day for Mandarin Zkittlez is one that follows a stressful time, party time, or when you don’t have a long list of to-do’s on your list. It is a good strain for recovery from too much life and for those of us who need a seat on the slow train for a while.

Strains like Mandarin Zkittlez

There are quite a few strains that have similar terpenes or effects.

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Where to Buy Mandarin Zkittlez in MA

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