How to Roll a Blunt

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Blunts are basically just a beefed-up joint wrapped in a tobacco leaf or larger rolling paper. With more flower involved (usually a gram or more vs half a gram) and a larger joint overall, a lot of smokers prefer blunts over a standard joint. But, how do you roll a blunt? And, how do you smoke a blunt? We’ve got the details to get you started below.

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How to Roll a Blunt in Simple Steps

Grind the flower into small, uniform pieces to get started. A medium grind is best for blunts, so the flower doesn’t burn too quickly. Then:

  1. Open the blunt wrap, discard the packing lining, and then gently spread the wrap flat on your tray or table
  2. Run a wet finger across the wrap, so it can fold and flex without tearing—just a dab will do
  3. Curl the blunt wrap slightly to form a semi-cylinder shape or create a gentle crease down the center
  4. Sprinkle the flower in place evenly down the center
  5. Gently roll the flower and wrap into a cylindrical shape—you should have enough of the wrap to curl completely around the flower and overlap at least a bit
  6. Once you have the right shape, moisten the overlapping flap and press it gently, so the wrap sticks to itself

Once the blunt is made, run a lighter flame across the full blunt quickly just to dry out any excess moisture left behind during the rolling process. Some people prefer to let the blunt “cure” by allowing it to sit in the sunlight for a bit to dry out any residual moisture.

How to Smoke a Blunt as a First-Timer

If you are accustomed to only smoking joints, smoking a blunt can be a bit different. You essentially have a larger joint with more flower, a broader burning surface, and a heavier hit of smoke than with a joint. To prevent taking in too much smoke, take your time. Take tiny hits until you know how much smoke you get with each puff. Remember, hitting a blunt can also mean you are getting more cannabinoids per puff, which will likely mean you don’t need to smoke as much.

Other Blunt-Related FAQs

What is a pre roll blunt?

A pre-roll blunt is simply a blunt that is rolled and ready to go that you buy at the dispensary. For example, at Flower & Soul, we have dozens of pre-rolls on our menu that are made with top cannabis strains like Deadhead OG and Blue Dream.

Who was the first person to smoke a blunt?

The history of smoking blunts is slightly hazy. Some claim the practice came from the Caribbean because it is popular to use fronto (whole tobacco leaves) to roll both tobacco and cannabis in the area.

How long does it take to smoke a blunt?

It can really depend on the smoker and how much weed is in the blunt. A typical joint usually only takes around 10 minutes to smoke. Therefore, you can naturally expect it to take longer to smoke a blunt, and that’s if you even smoke the entire blunt. An individual that is only accustomed to smoking a standard joint may not even be able to smoke the entire blunt in one sitting.

Need a Few Pointers? Flower & Soul Can Help

Are you still a bit confused about how to roll a blunt? Be sure to discuss the process with a budtender at Flower & Soul. We can help you out with a few pointers and the best blunt wraps, even if you want to avoid tobacco altogether. Be sure to take a look at our menu to pin down the flower you want to pick up while in the dispensary.

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