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Was It a Dream?

In the world of marijuana, there are many strains that are often talked about, either because of rarity, quality-of-high (Q.O.H), or flavor. Strains such as Pineapple Express for its tangy yet earthy flavor and Purple Haze for its high energy party high are oft mentioned, but none are nearly as popular for flavor and a quality high as Blue Dream. Unfortunately, strains like these legends can be hard to find at dispensaries, especially the Sativa strains like Blue Dream.

Photo by: Dr. Gregglestein; Blue Dream.

Blue Dream is, personally, my second favorite strain of all time, right behind the infamous Sour Diesel. When I heard that Flower & Soul was going to have Blue Dream on the menu, I knew I had to give Good Chem’s bud a shot and see how authentic their Blue Dream is.

Bud Quality

Made by Good Chemistry Nurseries, the packaging is neat and rather easy to open.  Little known fact: it’s biodegradable. The aroma was as expected; my weed smelled like weed. The big gamble: how’d it smoke? I rolled up a pre-roll after grinding up a gram and had no issues grinding the bud. The bud was a perfect balance of not-too-dry and not-too-moist.

After surgical precision crafting the fattest pre-roll that’d make a grown person cry through hours of sweat, blood, and tears, I brought the pre-roll to my lips to experience the most authentic Blue Dream I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. What makes Blue Dream authentic in my experience? It can help make those who smoke it relieved of depression, nausea, chronic pain, and anxiety. Whenever I’ve had a bad day or when I’m very anxious, I rely on this strain to unwind my troubles and give me bliss.

Fun Fact: Generally, the genetics of Blue Dream are made with the strains Blueberry (I) and Haze (S).

Final Thoughts

Blue Dream rocked the roof off of Halifax. Roughly a week and a half after I purchased my eighth, Flower & Soul ran dry of Blue Dream. To be fair, lots of people are currently after Sativa strains and, after some meditation, it’s no surprise how popular Blue Dream was and still is.

Out of 5 stars, this easily gets 5 with a Dr. Gregglestein stamp of approval. If you haven’t had it before, it’s absolutely worth the try, even if only once, and you too shall feel as though the moment is all but a dream… or was it?

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