3 Grams of Harbor House Concentrates for $90 in Halifax, MA

3 Grams of Harbor House Concentrates for $90 in Halifax, MA

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Are you looking to explore the world of dabbing and eager to find the best deals on concentrates? Maybe you’re already familiar with concentrates and looking to replenish your collection. Either way, perfect timing! Deals on high-quality live sugar wax concentrates from Harbor House are happening right now at Flower & Soul. If 3 grams of concentrates for $90 sounds like a great bargain, then stick around to learn more.

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3 Grams of Harbor House Concentrates for $90 in Halifax, MA

Is 3 Grams of Concentrates for $90 a Good Deal?

Concentrates are cannabis in the form of concentrated extracts and are used for dabbing, vaping, or sublingual use. These methods of consumption allow users to enjoy a quick and more potent experience. Consumers have a choice of wax, live resin, or live rosin. These are the broad categories of concentrates.

Concentrates carry higher prices than marijuana flower because of larger percentages of THC and other active cannabinoids. The average cost for 1 gram of wax hovers around $35-$45. The final price depends on factors such as the quality of the weed bud.

Using the average price point, you would agree 3 grams of wax concentrate for $90 is indeed a favorable deal. At $45 per gram, it’s like a buy two grams get one free special.

How Many Dabs Do I Get with 3 Grams of Concentrates?

Dabbers are also getting a great bargain based on the dab count for 3g concentrates. A gram of shatter wax converts to about 10 dabs, making it an average of 30 dabs in total. 1 dab is almost the equivalent of 2 grams of dried flower and packs a potent punch. Based on those figures, 3 grams of concentrate for $90 can keep dabbers satisfied for an extended period.

What 3 Grams of Concentrates for $90 are Available?

Consumers can access Massachusetts dispensary deals on Harbor House cannabis concentrates. Harbor House is located in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and is one of Massachusetts’s leading cultivators. The company has been in business for over 20 years and is known for producing trusted, premium products. Below is a list of their top wax concentrates found on the shelves of the best dispensaries in Halifax, MA:

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Are Harbor House Concentrates Good Quality?

Harbor House cannabis concentrates are extracted from a selection of impressive strains cultivated in-house. The company pays close attention to ensuring all cannabis concentrates have reliable and consistent quality and potency. Not only does Harbor House use premium genetics and organic processing, but its products go through rigorous quality checks at an independent lab.

Shop Harbor House Concentrates at Flower & Soul

Soul & Flower has partnered with Harbor House to provide our consumers with potent high-quality concentrates at a fraction of the regular prices seen elsewhere. Select your favorites from our menu. Find other recreational products for your stash including flower, vape carts, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, topical, and tinctures. Visit us at 894 Plymouth St., Halifax, MA, or call 781-630-7685.

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