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When you only need a little weed, and you’re shopping on a budget, eighth deals in Massachusetts are definitely important to find. An eighth of cannabis is just enough to roll a handful of joints. And you should never have to pay more than necessary to get a good eighth of weed in Massachusetts. At Flower & Soul, we’ve got you covered with good eighth prices in Halifax, including a chance to grab a $25 eighth when you need it. Get all the details below.

Shop $25 Eighths in MA

How to Get $25 Eighths at Flower & Soul

If you’re looking for the best price on eighths of weed, be sure to stop by and see us on Mondays. Around here, Mondays mean one important thing: Monday Madness! Monday Madness is one of our longstanding daily deals that is all about $25 eighth deals. So, every Monday, depending on supply, demand, and a few other factors, we pick a collection of eighths to feature for just $25.

The selection changes weekly to give customers a chance to try new strains and brands from one week to the next. A few picks you may see on our $25 eighth special during Monday madness include:

  • Drunken Monkey from At Ease – A hybrid strain with just over 21% THC, fruity notes, and a refreshing, relaxing effect
  • Donny Burger from Bask – A potent Indica with almost 29% THC, a complex flavor, and an insane level of physical relaxation
  • Mandarin Cookies from Berkshire Roots – A citrus-cookie flavored hybrid with around 27% THC and awesome euphoric uplift
  • 99 Scoops from High Supply – An energizing strain with a creamy, spicy flavor and about 21% THC

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Other Ways to Get the Best Eighth Prices at our Halifax Dispensary

Not shopping on a Monday? No worries! We’ve got a full list of other ways to get good deals on the best weed in the state.

Sign up for the Flower & Soul Loyalty Program

The Flower & Soul Loyalty Program is a one-way ticket to getting all the details about upcoming sales and promotions. All we need is your email and phone number, and you’ll get alerts when a new deal drops. You can also earn points when you shop to get savings on purchases in the future.

Watch for Pop-Up-Events

Flower & Soul Pop-Up Events features some of the top brands in Massachusetts. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about certain cannabis products, but you will also catch promo prices that can get you awesome flower at an affordable price.

Keep an Eye on the Menu for Bundle & Save Deals

Periodically, we offer bundle-and-save deals that can help you get bulk supplies of weed for a low price per-eighth. These deals change from week to week, so keep an eye on the menu to get the latest details.

Shop for the Lowest Eighth Prices in Halifax, MA at Flower & Soul

From $25 eighths to other weed deals hard to pass up, Flower & Soul always has the best ways to save. Don’t forget to explore our full menu to find out what we have on sale for the day.

Shop $25 Eighths in MA

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