$150 Ounces of Flower for Sale in Halifax, MA

$150 Ounces of Flower for Sale in Halifax, MA

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While there is no shortage of dispensaries in Massachusetts, you can hardly say the same for $150 ounces of flower. Avid cannabis users know they have to wait for Massachusetts dispensary deals. A quick tip is to browse the best dispensaries in Halifax menus. You might get lucky. Don’t worry, we’ll help you understand why cheap ounces are hard to find and where to shop.

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$150 Ounces of Flower for Sale in Halifax, MA

Is $150 for an Ounce of Flower in MA a Good Deal?

It is natural for shoppers to have a bit of reservation about a good deal like this. Usually, they want to know why flower is so cheap. Sometimes the quality of the strain comes into question. $150 ounces of flower is one of the best Massachusetts dispensary deals, provided you are shopping at a reputable dispensary. These deals often feature first-class buds from the best cultivators in the local industry. Strawberry Fritter strain from Berkshire Roots is one of many examples.

Why Do Dispensaries Offer $150 Ounces of Flower Deals?

Dispensary prices are affected by fluctuations in the price point for cannabis on the wholesale market. As a result, it influences Massachusetts dispensary deals. Cannabis experts pointed out that a high supply of cannabis on the market and lower demand led to a steep drop in prices by 50% in 2021.

Both wholesale and retail price decline continued into the following years. According to reports by the MA Cannabis Control Commission, an ounce of flower retailed for $228.88 at the start of 2023. Even when the price goes down to $200, finding $150 ounces flower is an unbeatable deal.

Flower also goes on sale when dispensaries are clearing their inventory. Consumers are aware these are the best times to capitalize on flower deals.

Shop Massachusetts Dispensary Deals at Flower & Soul

Flower & Soul is a convenient location for unbeatable Massachusetts dispensary deals. Better yet, if you’re located in Halifax or a surrounding city. Don’t miss our $150 ounces of flower deals and other savings on top-notch products on our menu.

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Reserve your order online or visit us in-store. We’re located at 894 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA. Open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM. Call 781-630-(soul) 7685 to speak with our friendly staff.

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